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PAXCracker: Pick Ax secure image browser bruteforce tool

Abril 10, 2013

Finally I got some time to develop a random tool, this time is a wordlist-based bruteforce tool intended to obtain the password of .pax files (Pick Ax image browser). At the moment, PAXCracker is not a sophisticated tool for bruteforcing, but instead it is a simple wordlist iterator that try to read the contents of .pax files by using ImgSource library (_ISource50.dll).

This is a screenshot of the tool guessing a password:

The magic is in this piece of code (is5_ReadPAX takes care of the "dirty work"):

  _is5_Seek(paxFile, 0,0);
  result = _is5_ReadPAX(paxFile, &width, &height, 24, 0, password, 0);

  if (result != 0) {
   cracked = 1;

You can find the whole source code in the PAXCracker GitHub Project.

You can find too the tool compiled on Windows XP x86, you should download ImgSource DLL from the original source, and copy the library to the same directory of PAXCracker.

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  1. Zorro Abril 28, 2014 @ 3:54 pm

    It's ok I have tried it on a test file whit password=pass. I have used a dictrionary set for lopth0crack

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